Thursday, November 13, 2008

Too Much Government in the Economy?

Before President Bush starts lecturing the G-8 about abandoning capitalism and using government as a cure-all for economic problems, perhaps he should start by lecturing his own Secretary of the Treasury. Dude? Who the heck hired Paulson? Is it too late to give the guy some concrete guidelines on who or what warrants a bailout/handout/government takeover? Oy. But then, McCain wouldn't have done much better. He stopped his frickin' campaign in a grandstanding play to demonstrate that he was willing to put aside his political future to put government into action on behalf of the country. Sigh. Despite the current financial mess and boneheaded approaches to "fixing" it, I'm still going to Europe. I'm just wondering if I need to shop for real estate while I'm there. No, no...that'd be about as smart as moving to Iran to protest theocracy in America.

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