Monday, January 12, 2009

Another Place to Register Your Opinions About Space Policy

The National Academy of Sciences is looking for public input regarding national goals for space. The deadline for providing input is January 30, 2009.


I finished part two of my article on science and math education for We'll see what kinds of feedback I get--if any. I was as diligent as possible about keeping the feedback from my friends as anonymous as possible. None of them was particularly shy about their opinions. The topic was sufficiently broad and diverse that the only way I could organize the article was by stakeholder audience:

  • The National Education Association (NEA), the union that collectively represents the interests teachers and other educational professionals in the public schools.
  • Political opponents of NEA.
  • Parents and teachers personally known to me.
  • Me.

What the heck, it's a break from writing just about space, right? I'll post the link to part two as soon as Darlene puts it up on the site.

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