Saturday, February 07, 2009

Stuff for Europe

I decided to go wild today and get some stuff that's been on "the list" for going to Europe. Nothing major, but a start, nonetheless:
  • Charger for iPod
  • U.S./Europe voltage converter
  • Band-aids (or the nearest convenient brand), multiple sizes
  • Hand wipes

A lot left to go. I'm left to wonder if I'll actually have room for more basic stuff, like clothing. I also tried to find a travel journal, but Barnes & Noble didn't have quite what I wanted. They had travel-themed journals, but nothing that would help the writer ask the right questions and notice the right things while on holiday. So I've got more shopping to do--this time, via Rick Steves. (Update 2/8: Bought the journal.)

The biggest problem I foresee is washing clothes on the road...that'll mean using the room sink, or some nearby equivalent. I got some Basic H from Mom for cleaning purposes, so that's a start. I also need to look seriously at what I plan to wear and what I still need to buy. The big item I know I need is a soft (flannel?) lined rain jacket, most likely from Land's End. I also need to look at one of those microfiber towels Scott recommended. Jos. A. Bank is also supposed to have a decent line of moisture-resistant clothing. I probably also need a pair of boat shoes or something that doesn't scream "American!" when I got to dinner. Gym shoes, apparently, are a dead giveaway.

My busy intellectual life (book reading, blogging, keeping up on the world) is interfering with my ability to study my languages. I'm on the verge of surrendering on that front and just bringing along the phrase books. Still, today's outing made me feel better about making progress. I'm now less than seven months out from E-Day. The excitement continues.

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