Tuesday, March 03, 2009

An Example of Participatory Exploration

Got this from one of my morning news feeds and had to share....

Public Chooses Target For Hubble Space Telescope
In the "Flame Trench" blog for Florida Today (3/2) Todd Halvorson wrote, "The polls are closed, all the ballots are in and we have a winner: the public is pointing NASA's Hubble Space Telescope to a pair of cuddling galaxies that are coming together in deep space." Halvorson wrote that "139,944 votes were cast online for six candidates during NASA's month-long 'Hubble, You Decide' contest." Close to half of the votes went for the object known as Arp 274. "Drawn together by their gravity, the galactic pair might be spawning offspring. The spiral shapes of the galaxies largely are intact, but as they merge together, the gas clouds inside them might be forming new stars."

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