Sunday, July 19, 2009

Fighting Jet Lag and Other Trip Tasks

This link recommendation comes from Father Dan: The no-alcohol rule probably makes sense, but kinda takes the fun out of business class, yes? Interesting food for, so to speak.

In other Europe-related news, I made copies of my itinerary, passport, and credit cards in case the whole kit 'n' kaboodle gets stolen by persons unknown. Also sent a copy of everything to Mom (should probably ping Father, too, since he's more easily on-call).

I punted a few items to family to acquire, like shirts or travel clocks. My to-do list is down to:

  • Buy a rain jacket/poncho
  • Early/double-pay utilities
  • Buy bar soap/container
  • Buy lock for the backpack
  • Buy an additional power cord adapter for the Kindle
  • Replace my eyeglasses/get a spare
  • Transfer spending money from savings to checking
  • Call the bank and let them know I'll be out of town and to raise my per-day spending limit
  • Put a hold on my mail

Not too bad.

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