Friday, July 17, 2009

Morgan Update

Morgan is home now and well enough that her mom managed to get out of town to Atlantic City for a couple of days. That's a major deal, because I know from watching my sister (or, heck, my mom) that parents just can't stand to be away when their little ones are sick. But still, it's good to know Morgan got to the point of being out of imminent danger. However, the graft-host disease (GVHD) experience was not good. Morgan's mom explains it thusly:

It honestly was the worst experience/nightmare I never want to repeat. To not have any control to fix Morgan’s hurt was paralyzing. The doctors feel we are on the other side of the “major” danger zone of GVHD, so I am beginning to breathe again. Doesn’t hurt that Morgan’s appetite is back with a vengence, and I am once again Julia Child, constantly cooking for the little princess, who gained back 4 of the lost 12 pounds so far.

Still, this line offers hope, and probably made Ame's week:

I lost my voice somehow over the weekend, but probably would have anyway when Morgan announced to me last night while we got ready for bed - “Mom, you know what? I’ve never felt better!”

Wow. Great. I'm sort of looking forward to Ame posting that Morgan has gone back to being a nutty, noisy, pain-in-the-neck eight-year-old, but all things in due course. After an experience like this, I don't think Ame, Morgan, or anyone in her family will take "normal" for granted anytime soon.

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