Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Potpourri LXXVIII

Worked late last night, so I have a little time now to catch up on the news...or at least post some links to it.

First, a little music to start your day, courtesy of Hu.

Also from Hu:
  • Hillary Clinton says the U.S. is prepared to take "crippling action" against Iran if it doesn't rein in its nuclear weapons program.
  • The new NASA chief would be disappointed if he doesn't see human beings set foot on Mars in his lifetime. He wouldn't be the only one.
  • Ka-BOOM! Astronomers see evidence that a large object has smacked into Jupiter. The last time we saw something like this was in 1994, during another Apollo 11 anniversary. As fellow space geek Greg Allison asked me, "Think someone's trying to send us a message?"
  • And as Hu reminded me, "sometimes when you're tilting at windmills it's better not to listen to the 'mainstream'."
I got a note from the NASA PAO feed that the last scheduled firing test of the Space Shuttle Main Engine will be conducted at Stennis Space Center on July 29 of this year. The retirement's real, people.

From R2D2, a variety of wine reviewing sites:
Gadzooks! Never realized all those were out there...

From Melissa: a very cool link from the JFK library that includes a computerized animation of the Apollo 11 launch.

From Father Dan, a cool site featuring rare U.S. military aircraft.

I just think this is frickin' great. Partly because it’s Star Wars, partly because it’s ‘80s music, and partly because it’s frickin’ stupid.

Speaking of Apollo 11 again, President Obama did meet with the three well he should!

Need to buy a Lutheran Worship hymnal? My pastor referred me here. I've become his PowerPoint guy for services--he feeds me the templates and the hymn numbers, lessons, etc., and I put 'em together so folks can follow along. Sometimes page numbers are missing, so I was struggling through, trying to guess where a certain psalm was located. "Perhaps you want to invest in a hymnal?" was his suggestion. Whups. That'll teach me...

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Pastor John said...

I've heard it said that the three most important books for any Lutheran's library are (in order of importance):

1) the Bible
2) the Catechism
3) the Hymnal

Parents who purchase these items for their 7th graders are giving their children a spiritual inheritance for the rest of their lives!