Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Potpourri LXXXI

More interesting stuff coming out of the Augustine Panel. Folks are reporting that the Panel is considering (reviewing?) a really long Shuttle 2014. Has anyone even looked at the costs of reinstating Shuttle production lines? If they don't reinstate the lines, we're looking at one Shuttle flight per year from now until 2014.

There's also been some talk about a scaled-down version of Ares V.

The Huntsville Times' Shelby Spires is reporting that Ares I and Orion might be delayed.

Okay, this is just gross and terrifying at the same time. Scientists are looking at combining spider DNA with goat DNA to turn goat's milk into spider thread.

Did you know that President Obama was upset about the speed with which the Bush Administration passed legislation? Funny how that doesn't matter anymore.

MIT's technology blog addresses rocket vibrations, referencing an article contributed to by yours truly...

From the Down Under Defense Expert (DUDE): Environmentalism as a religion for Western urban elites? I'm shocked, shocked...

From Cousin Andy the Real Rocket Scientist: a virtual tour of the Peak of Eternal Light. Cool! Andy forwarded this link because he was one of my readers for Pilgrimage, a science fiction experiment I wrote but never submitted because I missed a deadline.

Here's an online poll on Obama's handling of the economy. Respond as you see fit and then read the results.

From Da Sis, a possible future vacation destination.

And I'm just adding this video because I like it.

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