Tuesday, July 28, 2009

This Taste Funny to You?

So I got this from Melissa last night and just read it this morning. Some concerned citizens have proposed adding fish oil to the diets of cows as a way to reduce greenhouse gases. One thing I recall from a friend who took fish oil/Omega-3 all the time was that she had it on her breath. Occasionally she sweated, which came with the accompanying olfactory strangeness. Now take this to the logical conclusion and think about what this would do to cows' milk or to the flavor of beef in general. If fish oil is embedded in the tissue, your steaks are going to taste more like swordfish than sirloin. That's not always a pleasant sensation, especially for folks who don't like seafood. Ah, but could there be an ulterior motive here? If beef and milk start tasting bad, fewer people will eat them, thereby reducing demand, herds, and methane emissions even more. Synergy!

I hope they don't do this. I really like my steaks to taste right.

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