Sunday, August 30, 2009

European Vacation Preparations, Continued

I packed most of my stuff yesterday. A couple of last-minute items will get packed last (prescriptions, toothbrush, shaver), but my primary concentration this week will be getting used to walking around with 40 lbs. of gear on my back/front (backpack plus reverse-slung backpack, which makes me look pregnant--joy). A couple friends have suggested I get a letter of permission from my doctor authorizing me to carry my Synthroid and Simvastatin. Don't want to get caught like Rush Limbaugh, right?

And of course there are all sorts of little, stupid things I need to take care of, like emptying the fridge, dumping the trash, bringing in the grill, double-checking the locks on everything, and setting an out-of-office message for Hotmail, most of which will wait until the day before I go. Beyond that, what can I do? Not a whole lot. I'm still in over-thinking mode, so I'm occasionally losing sleep as I contemplate things I might be forgetting. I'll be fine once I get on vacation, but it'll take me awhile to get into a vacation frame of mind--or not. Put me in a business-class seat in a grownup-sized airplane, and even I can shed the workaholic attitude. Can't believe it, but after nearly two years of planning, I'm less than a week from making my big trek.

And from there, let the magic commence!

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