Wednesday, October 07, 2009


I've got all this stuff, all these great experiences, and those who know me won't be surprised to know that I've got two journals full of notes/thoughts/commentary from the trip. What to say? What direction to go? Fiction or nonfiction? Actually, I don't have the urge to write so much as read more. I missed all sorts of things, some of which my fellow tourees managed to see: Normandy, Chartres, Mont St. Michel. There's music I want to purchase, additional books and eras of history I want to study.

And yes, I now find the urge to seek out the next destination. Ireland, perhaps, or Eastern Europe. I really enjoyed the Rick Steves experience. I could probably do Britain or Ireland on my own, if I was so inclined. Maybe even the Netherlands, given the ease with which English is used there. But I'm still digesting three weeks of bouncing around the continent, by far the longest and most exciting exploration experience I've ever had. As I keep telling people, there's all this stuff in my head, and it needs to get out somehow. Something will occur to me. Right now I've still got some more work ahead cataloguing what did happen. Then I can figure out how to process it.

More thoughts later, as I get 'em.

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