Monday, December 07, 2009

Potpourri CVII

My fellow (and much higher-profile) space blogger friend Jeff Foust has a great lineup of editorials today on The Space Review. Topics include:

  • The potential impact of "ClimateGate" on NASA's scientific reputation.
  • A good defense of the Ares I-X flight test and a plea for civility in the pro-space community.
  • A discussion on safety and the Ares I crew launch vehicle based on Jeff's observations of the House subcommittee re: space safety last week.
  • An editorial discussing other uses of the soon-to-be-happening suborbital spaceflight industry besides space tourism.

There's a Washington Post article on the environmental impact of rockets.

Speaking of the Washington Post, they wrote an article recently on a competition the Department of Defense created to see how social networking could be used to gather information. This is pretty wild.

This appears to be a clearing house page that provides links to a variety of astronomy-related blogs.

A Popular Mechanics reporter recently visited Marshall Space Flight Center and got access to a lot of the work the Ares Projects has been doing.

The White House is pushing for more math and science. Good. Where's the money coming from? Though I suppose one could ask the same thing about NASA, NSF, and the rest of the stimulus. Hate it when my conservative spending habits get in the way of my scientific/space habits.

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