Thursday, December 17, 2009

Potpourri CX

From Tracy, a site that tracks trends in scientific research and how many times particular papers are cited.

For those of you accessing NASA TV via direct satellite link, the satellite is changing.

Just to give myself an idea of what Dr. OZMG has decided to put herself through, I did a little reading on what it takes to train for a marathon. I think I'll stick with aerobics, walking, and weight lifting for my exercise. I've had the popping knees and ankles of an 80-year-old man since I was about 10. I can be an energetic cheering section, though...

Yikes! The U.S. has exceeded the congressionally approved ceiling for the national debt--over $12 trillion!

Roy Disney, nephew of the late Walt Disney, has died. A shame. Roy was a decent guy, from all I heard.

A book that's right up Dar's alley: Public Participation in Environmental Assessment and Decision Making.

Another book of interest: Changing the Conversation: Messages for Improving Public Understanding of Engineering.

Hat tip to Dar for pointing this one out to me: From NASWatch/SpaceRef: A rumored/leaked breakthrough in learning what President Obama's NASA policy is going to be. The original story can be found here.

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