Thursday, January 28, 2010

NASA Budget

I've gotten a variety of requests/questions over the last couple of days wanting to know what I thought was going to happen with the NASA budget and whether I have any special insights or perspectives. Insights? No. I get my information from the internet or (worse) NASAWatch, like the rest of the agency. As far as my perspective, it boils down to this: until NASA gets told to cease and desist on Constellation and do something else, I will continue to do my job as well as I am able. I think Steve Cook, former Ares Projects Manager, has this one exactly right: the President's budget submission is the beginning, not the end of the debate. Those of us fortunate and crazy enough to work for NASA directly are in for another 6 months of suspense...or more. How do you keep a space geek in suspense? I'll tell you after the budget passes.

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