Saturday, May 08, 2010

Potpourri CXXXII

Let 'er rip...

Buehler? Buehler? Buehler on Twitter? Yes.

How much would it cost to build a real Iron Man suit? I'm guessing a lot.

Japan has a much greater attachment to human-looking robots than Americans, I guess. I just find this dancing robot creepy.

From Tim Bailey: how to really save your favorite science fiction show from going off the air.

So much for calling audibles...Dar has a fun piece on how Penn State is going to start using acoustical science to further flummox visiting quarterbacks. Dar also has a blog on public participation in science. When I told her I wanted her job, she informed me that I'd have to give up sleep. I don't doubt it!

From Jim: a new YouTube feature that might help teenage boys pay better attention to their vocabulary tests, Hot for Words. (Mind you, Mom might not approve.)

Grant Morrison, writer of Batman: Arkham Asylum, has a new title coming out soon from DC Comics: The Return of Bruce Wayne, wherein Bruce is doing a little time traveling. I guess I'm a little behind in my Batman lore. I didn't realize Bruce had left. Hm...

From Doc: The Geek Wants Out. This was his reply to my question, "What's wrong with me that I know who Grant Morrison is, which comics he's written, and why I have them in my archives?" Too funny!

An interstellar probe idea is being revisited.

Electrically charged water in space?

The UK election hung up.

Had to post this. When I was in my lurking phase on Facebook (i.e. going online and reading stuff but not posting), a couple FB friends accused me of unplugging and joining the Amish. Not bloody likely, but that isn't necessarily too bad. At least I'd know why Amish businesses don’t fail. I'll have more thoughts on FB eventually, but first I need to clear out the blog files.

There was another scare in Times Square.

They're in the process of putting a dome on top of the leaking well in the Gulf of Mexico.

Millennials are finding religion online.

Disney toying with the idea of a talking Mickey at the parks.

Cruise ships coming to Florida…

Bigelow Aerospace is marketing inflatable space stations.

Griffin calls Obama space proposals “drivel.”

Open source is NASA’s next frontier.

Oh, by the way, a little note to Constellation haters/deniers: Pad Abort-1 Test was utterly successful.

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