Tuesday, June 08, 2010

It Was A Very Good Year

2009 was very good to me, but sometimes it takes awhile for the paperwork to catch up and prove it.

For example, I did most of my outreach work for Ares I-X in October, but it took until now to receive (as part of an overall group) a NASA Space Flight Awareness Team Award, which came with a framed certificate, pin, and medallion made from metal flown aboard Space Shuttle Discovery.

I'll take the attaboy regardless. The stuff is pretty frickin' cool, and it looks good on ye olde resume, yes? Oh yeah, you betcha!

Also picked up a couple of Group Achievement Awards for the Ares Projects: one for Ares Advocacy, and one for the Quarterly Progress Report. Got to save up those attaboys, for the resume, if nothing else. Or, more importantly, to save up for that day when I have an aws#!t. Father Dan tells me that five attaboys can equal one aws#!t ("Your mileage may vary"). Go figure. Still, here's to 2009: it was, indeed, a very good year.

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Laura said...

Congratulations, Bart! It's about time that you were recognized for being awesome! And for all of your hard work and effort, of course. You rock!