Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Potpourri CXL

Science, Technology, and Space

Buy James Bond’s car…with gizmos!

Down in a hole in Guatemala:

Intriguing question: what will you say if SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launch fails?

Interesting NASA spinoff…long-duration underwear:

Effects of oil spill on wetlands:

Web 2.0 at the Department of Defense:

Real-life version of Minority Report’s user interface:

Sony has developed a device that sends Twitter postings for cats by monitoring their activities…at least until the cats figure out a way to remove the things (my guess):

Mega projects under consideration in Japan. There was a time Americans thought ambitiously in this manner:

The Navy is testing a laser weapon:

The Sunlight Foundation has announced the winners of the “Design for America” competition, which was developed to suggest cool things to do with the U.S. Government’s new “open data” feeds:

There’s a new line of robot vacuum cleaners out there—I really need one of these!

EA has come out with a hockey stick for the Wii:

What sorts of space missions could we do if we had unlimited funding? Try this:

The 747-mounted SOFIA telescope has taken its first infrared pictures of Jupiter:

The U.S. Air Force had the first flight test of the X-51 Waverider aerospace craft, which is powered by a scramjet, flying up to Mach 5:

Domestic Politics

Peggy Noonan, Mark Steyn, and Jerry Pournelle on Obama’s handling of the oil gusher:,, and

The Dow dropped 112 points on word that Attorney General Holder is going to start criminal investigations into the BP oil gusher in the Gulf:

Foreign Affairs

Iran has enough fissionable material to make two nuclear weapons:

Euro hits a new low:

Canada is reassessing its healthcare model:

So while I was out of town for the weekend, the Israeli Defense Forces intercepted aid ships heading for the Palestinian-controlled Gaza Strip because they were bringing in weapons. The activists who weren’t killed in the raid are to be deported.


A stop-motion animation video game. Cool!

A man repeatedly called 911 after his mother took his beer. Brilliant.

A psychology professor has written a paper on why “self-experimentation” is unusually effective. Uh, yeah, BUT…

So we’ve had it wrong all these years: they’re not mad scientists, they’re mad engineers!

For Doc: a Lovecraftian art exhibition…

SpongeBob Square Pants at age 50:

Was there really a need for this? Ewok karaoke:

Here’s something for aspiring SF writers to try: a virtual “write-a-thon.”

Actually sorry to hear this: Al and Tipper Gore are separating after 40 years of marriage. Tipper made Gore a nice contrast to Bill Clinton.,0,2616256.story

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