Thursday, August 26, 2010

Potpourri CLI

The busy-ness continues. I'll provide more details about ISDC and the Science Cheerleader thing as the Outreach Coordinator (i.e. that'd be your humble narrator) writes them. :-) Meanwhile, on to other things!

Where has all the oil gone in the Gulf? Well, we've captured some, some is still leaking and floating around out there or polluting the beaches, and some...well, some of it is being eaten by bacteria.

Is the web hurting Gen Y’s critical thinking skills? My guess would be yes...but not just theirs.

From Karen: a bacon wallet. Furreal.

This is pretty cool: the Kepler telescope has detected its first multi-planet solar system out there among all them-thar bright stars. We are living in an age of wonders, my friends. Gotta pay attention out there.

A summary of 11 great operas in 10 minutes. Caveat visor: I have watched this yet, it just sounded fun.

Okay, this will make you feel very healthy, sane, and well-adjusted. Some dude has spent $250,000 remaking himself to look like a lizard. Did anyone at ANY time consider offering this guy counseling? Like, ever? Seriously. Dude.

I need to re-watch this video and respond at some point. It is an attempt to redefine what ethics should look like in the 21st century. I found myself reacting against some of it, because either the logic or assumptions were fuzzy. Or, perhaps, because I found the conclusions unrealistic. But then most of my philosophical influences are either ancient or from the Enlightenment, which are exactly the things the piece is criticizing. Go figure.

An essay talking about fear in our lives, but also fear in airport security. I liked its new term "the fear tax." Worth reading.

Note to people who both a) want to visit Afghanistan and b) perform public displays of affection. Uh, don't: Taliban militants stoned a couple to death over alleged love affair.

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