Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ISDC 2011

In case you folks wonder what I've been doing with myself...

The International Space Development Conference (ISDC) is the annual gathering of the National Space Society, a non-profit educational group (501(c)(3)) dedicated to accelerating the day where human beings are living in working in thriving communities beyond the Earth. ISDC 2011 will be our 30th such event, set for May 18-22, 2011, and as usual it will feature a varied audience of space professionals, industrialists, astronauts, educators, scientists, engineers, policy analysts, NASA leaders, and—most importantly—interested private citizens.

This year’s ISDC will be hosted at the Von Braun Center
in America’s “Rocket City,” Huntsville, Alabama, for the first time since 1993. A lot has changed in that time. The space business and the Huntsville community have grown and become more diverse, and the conference’s agenda reflects that growth and change. In addition to addressing NASA’s space activities—the International Space Station and the heavy-lift Space Launch System—ISDC will be hosting tracks on commercial crew and cargo efforts, space-based solar power, space defense systems, planetary sciences, business and economics, space prizes, biotechnology, space settlement technologies and sociology, politics, education, and outreach.

Our confirmed guests include NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver, Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides, Former NASA Administrator and University of Alabama-Huntsville Eminent Scholar Mike Griffin, Historian John Logsdon, Lunar Scientist Paul Spudis, AIAA Deputy Executive Director Klaus Dannenberg, NASA Commercial Crew and Cargo Program Integration Manager Dennis Stone and Curt von Braun, nephew of Wernher von Braun who led the development of America’s Saturn V moon rocket here in Huntsville.

ISDC 2011 is the best opportunity members of the general public have to interact with the people making things happen in the space business. It draws its distinct personality from this dynamic mix of government and industry, professional and citizen advocates, traditional and new, present and future, hardware and ideas, seriousness and fun. We look forward to seeing you in May!

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