Monday, February 28, 2011

Note from Down Under

If you're interested in helping with relief efforts in New Zealand, the Down Under Defense Expert (DUDE) sent the following email:

There is an urgent requirement for nearly everything in Christchurch right now. I'm e-mailing everyone I can think of to ask them to donate anything they can to a charity that will provide support to the people affected by the earthquake and aftershocks.

These are the charities Mrs. DUDE and I are giving to:

Rescue helicopters in New Zealand get only 40% of their funding from the government; the remainder comes from donations. The SPCA here, like SPCAs everywhere else, gets 100% of its operating money through donations.

There are of course plenty of better-recognized charities that operate worldwide, such as the Salvation Army, medical providers, and various church foundations. If you can donate, select any charity you favor, making sure you earmark you donation for Christchurch earthquake support. And remember to take your income tax deduction.

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