Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dental Visit

My dentists have a quality operation. When I say "quality operation," I'm referring to the type of place Complete Dental runs, not to any sort of treatment I received (though I am due for a filling next month). Complete Dental looks more like an upscale spa than anything you might think of as a dentist's office. The waiting room is spacious, with comfortable chairs, some with swing-in desks so people can work while waiting, and a kids area to keep the urchins out from under foot. They have a polite no-cell phone rule, which they don't exactly enforce, but which restrains the number of beeps, bells, and whistles you'd hear otherwise. The walls are painted in bright colors and decorated with something approaching tasteful art. Even the bathroom has "spa" touches to set the patient at ease.

The staff are all first-rate and keep things moving briskly yet without the appearance of being rushed. The office staff and hygienists are mostly women, the dentists doing the trickier stuff are--of the ones I've seen--mostly a few guys who look like they just graduated from medical school. That said, the attitudes are very professional all around. I also appreciated the non-judgmental, matter-of-fact comment from the dentist that I required a filling. I wish my last visit to the doctor had been so cordial ("You're overweight and high strung").

In the treatment rooms, the equipment all looks clean, shiny, and up to date. X-rays are delivered on the computer while you're reclining on the surprisingly comfortable dentist's chair. The flavor-of-the-day toothpaste might be mint or it might be bubble gum. You never know. Most of the wall colors are soft reds or pinks.

A lot of subtle touches were added to work on the patient's pysche, which are in their way better and less condescending than the pandering, "Come here and sit on momma's lap" claptrap you hear from the sedation dentistry places on the radio. The attitude is more, "Look, we know you're not thrilled about getting your teeth worked on, but if you work with us, we'll make your experience as comfortable and friendly as possible." Complete Dental has succeeded. I have no qualms about visiting their office.

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