Thursday, July 07, 2011

A Simple Man

People have accused me of being a complicated person. In my mind, I'm pretty straightforward, so I'll try to keep this simple.
  • I want to be good (moral).
  • I want to be good at something (skillful).
  • I want to make good choices (wise).
  • I want to be seen as all of the above (reputable).
  • Atop all this, I added a very strong sense of humor and sarcasm to protect my sense of self in those moments when the above is not the case.
Everything else in my head hangs off of those precepts: my interests, my work ethics, my choice of women or interactions with them. At heart, I'm a man of chivalry, and I take serious umbrage when people say that I am not. I don't always display it, but I try, every day. Now that you know this, do you understand me any better? Do the puzzle pieces fit together?

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