Monday, January 16, 2012

Title Change

My title at Science Cheerleader has changed from "Cheer Operations Ninja" to "Event Manager." That's a little less whimsical, perhaps, but it better describes my duties. Mind you, I still do a lot of stuff for SciCheer that no one ever sees, so my ninja cred is still good. First rule of ninjas is that you don't talk about being a ninja, right? Something like that.

And please take a moment today to reflect on Martin Luther King, Jr., in whose honor many folks are allowed a day off. His career is a testament to many things, including the motivating powers of freedom, equality under the law, and (my favorite) rhetoric. The man's speeches remain among the best in American history, both for their content and delivery. Words can change the world, so it's best to choose the good ones.

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