Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Opening of a Million Doors

A poetic diversion for your consideration. I needed to stretch my creative muscles a bit. Enjoy.

The Opening of a Million Doors

Bart D. Leahy

It seems we live a million lives, not one
Each time we make a choice the future shifts
Yet outcomes from our choices aren’t undone
Those futures spread like seedlings cast adrift

Let’s say I’d stayed at home instead of left.
Or never went to college or improved
In that life all my dreams would be bereft
Of challenge or of intellect that’s proved

Or maybe if I’d stopped and lived for love
I could have lived a life that’s poor but glad
Yet that’s a choice I felt impatient of
And chose to live for what my writing had

We make our futures different, you and me
With each small choice we change who we could be.


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