Sunday, May 11, 2014

Poetry Interlude


Just because I gave birth to you doesn't mean I understand you.
I never wanted a boy, didn't know what to do with them.
But God saw fit to send me you anyway.
Perhaps it was good for both of us.
You weren't too fussy or rambunctious--
   a sensitive boy more interested in books than ball games.
You were reading things I didn't understand when you were ten--
   --science, science fiction, philosophy, and I don't know what else--
   but you always had trouble with people.
You needed to learn to care and to have a discerning heart.
I could give you that.
You might be some wizard writer working on great things
   and I'm proud of you.
But in the end, if you learn to listen and be wise and be kind to your sister
   I'll have done my job.

I won't forget, Mom.

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