Sunday, February 24, 2008

The European Trip Wish List, Version 2

I've removed and added a couple of items on my original European trip wish list.

I'm wondering if I shouldn't just set up a couple of base camps and do a week here, a week there, just to get things done with a minimum of fuss. For instance:

  • 2 days in England (just to get that Shakespeare fix and maybe catch the British Museum)
  • 2 days in Ireland--one day sightseeing/pub crawling, one day visiting Guinness and pub crawling
  • 7 to 9 days in Strasbourg, France to cover my battlefield and Paris and Germany outings
  • 1 day in Salzburg
  • 1 day in Prague
  • 3 days in southern France (Rhone Valley, the Riviera)
  • 10 days in Tuscany (to cover Florence/Rome)

That kills about a month and theoretically gives me a little time at the end there to recover. This process will continue for some time. The big goal right now is to reduce the amount of driving I have to do, the number of hotels I have to use and vacate, and the amount of reservations I need to keep straight in my head. I sent an email out to my experienced-traveler family members and friends. No doubt I'll get a lot of contradictory advice, but such are the joys of diverse opinions.

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