Monday, February 18, 2008

If You Can't Stop the Bad News, Stop Whoever's Publishing It

For those who wonder why conservatives hate the United Nations, let the story of Matthew Lee serve as a lesson. This guy's internet news/blog site, Inner City Press, was de-listed by Google as a legitimate news source after writing one too many critical pieces exposing corruption within the UN.

Let's be frank here: this is flat-out censorship in the purest sense of the word. Censorship is not conservative movie-goers refusing to watch Hollywood-produced left-wing propaganda films (that is a mass consumer choice in the marketplace). Censorship is something the government does. And if the United States government had done this to, say, the Politico web site or Michael Moore's site, there would have been blood in the streets of Washington. As it is, Lee will probably be ignored or marginalized as a right-wing kook.

Let us consider this piece of wisdom, which has been nearly lost in the vicious, frantic arguing between left and right.

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.

When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.

When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.

When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I wasn't a Jew.

When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

--Pastor Martin Niemöller

An authoritarian government need not be left-wing or right-wing to be pernicious and terrifying. It need only have the power to silence those who oppose it and the will to exercise that power. And, as Goldwater was fond of saying, "A government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have."

Anyhow, do you get the picture? The UN is a corrupt organization. It is authoritarian. And if the members had its way, the United States would be disarmed, silenced, and stripped poor. Someone within their bureaucracy was able to take steps to reduce the ability of a reporter to get out stories of malfeisance--and they did this in our country. I have an excellent suggestion for relocating the UN. How does the West Bank sound? Or Antarctica? Or an island threatened with flooding due to global warming? Or the middle of the Pacific, for that matter. Anywhere but here.

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