Friday, February 29, 2008

More on my AdSense Outage

The FAQs were not very illuminating:

Why was my account disabled? Can you tell me more about the invalid click activity you detected? Because we have a need to protect our proprietary detection system, we're unable to provide our publishers with any information about their account activity, including any web pages, users, or third-party services that may have been involved.
As you may know, Google treats invalid click activity very seriously, analyzing all clicks and impressions to determine whether they fit a pattern of use that may artificially drive up an advertiser's costs or a publisher's earnings. If we determine that an AdSense account may pose a risk to our AdWords advertisers, we may disable that account to protect our advertisers' interests.
Lastly, please note that as outlined in our
Terms and Conditions, Google will use its sole discretion when determining instances of invalid click activity.

As much as I've been tempted to look at the ads on my page, I have not, because that was one of the conditions of having them on there--the theory being, of course, that they don't want you to click yourself into free money. Fine. So which one of you, my dear readers, is trying to be too nice and racking up my points? Hmmmmm? I wonder what you have to do to get it reinstated, or if once you abuse the service in their minds, you're hosed. Hm. The world wonders. So much for that idea, I guess.

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