Saturday, February 16, 2008

School Shooting, Part Deux

My rant about the sources of the killer wimps still stands, albeit this one also had mental illness on his chart. He obviously had sane moments, or he wouldn't have made it up through grad school. In those moments when he did take his meds--what did he think about in moments of distress? The police might find details on the kid's laptop, and perhaps that might reveal something.

A thought occurs to me: suppose they discover that this kid was a flat-out atheist. Will that wake anyone up to the state of the nation? I'll continue to pray for the families of the slain. They and their children did nothing to deserve this, and yet they are the ones who will pay for his madness, year after year, for as long as the lost are remembered. May God watch over them and grant wisdom to others to prevent this sort of nitwit from becoming another senseless weapon.

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