Thursday, August 07, 2008

But Enough About Me...

Darlene the Science Cheerleader has struck--twice!--once on, again on her own website and YouTube. Check these out: (use this link if the video doesn't work on Darlene's site)

Darlene's basic point here--and I agree with her, or I wouldn't have bothered linking to her--is that the candidates need to addres some topics of substance, specifically science. This is an increasingly important area of concern, as so many issues of our time depend on science and technology. And I'm sorry, but McCain showing up for a photo op on an oil rig or Obama suggesting that we all check the pressure in our tires to reduce overall oil consumption are not signs of a serious debate about energy, much less science and technology policy. Aviation Week took a long, hard look at both the two candidates' policies on aerospace and defense and found them both lacking detail and emphasis. In short, aerospace issues (a side-line discussion to technology) are low priorities, and are likely to remain so well into the first year of the next presidential administration--pretty much what I've said here in the last week.

Darlene's videos not withstanding, what would it take to get these talking heads to take science and technology policy seriously? The discovery of alien life outside our solar system? An asteroid smacking into New York? The outbreak of an artificial plague? The landing of a Chinese astronaut on the Moon? The world wonders.

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