Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Thoughts on the Election of Barack Obama

First, to my African-American brothers and sisters: congratulations on a well-earned and long-overdue moment of pride and joy.

Next, to my fellow Republicans: it's not too late to rediscover your conservative principles and start believing in limited government again. When you tack left and spend like drunken sailors (or worse--sailors eventually realize when they run out), you become indistinguishable from your opponents and weaken the case for your party.

To Senator Obama: guard the Republic well. You represent all of us now, not just those you wish to.


As to my own feelings: I still do not trust this man. I have serious questions about his ideas and his past, and I can see the potential for really bad things happening, but in the end, the choice was others', not mine, and I must hope and pray for the best. Unfortunately, the entire country will be living with the consequences of this choice. No one man can possibly match all of the aspirations or dreams with which this man has apparently been imbued. Again, I pray that there won't be serious cause to regret this decision.

And finally, to those of you in the white community who believe that only people with our particular skin tone should hold power, I would caution you to think before you do something stupid. The man is going to be president now, with the Secret Service around him at all times. The two plots to kill Obama uncovered so far speak ill of you and, quite frankly, of all of us. The Republic still stands, the armed forces are just as powerful, and our economy is still the largest and most prosperous on Earth. The worst Mr. Obama can do is weaken, not ruin it, and he won't hold onto office long if he does either. Attempts to resolve your anger or mistrust through violence will irreparably damage this country, and that I would not forgive.

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