Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Links of Interest

I decided to include some links for organizations and causes that are important to me. The space exploration stuff is a given, but other causes have come my way through the work I do or the people I meet or, alas, the experiences I've had.

Far be it for me to force a cause on somebody (I'm not a very good activist, even for the space cause), but I would ask that if you can afford to surf the internet and read this site, you consider giving money to a cause that does good for the world, however you define the good. Every donation does count, and helps you take some sort of direct action that you might not otherwise be able to do. Not being a doctor, for instance, it's quite beyond my bounds to help with my various medical causes; but I can at least send my financial support.

And on a purely political note, I believe more gets done more effectively and virtuously if compassionate individuals are allowed to select where their personal treasure is given than if the government does it. Doing things on an individual basis gives you more "ownership" of a cause and ensures that your personal choices are better reflected in what things are done. In 2006, despite massive welfare and other government programs that were paid directly by our taxes, individuals still gave $295 billion in charitable donations. Imagine how much more could be given to specific causes if we had more say about where our money went!

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