Saturday, June 27, 2009

Letter to My Senators on the Energy Bill

I just submitted the following letter to Senators Sessions and Shelby (R-AL). My reasons are my own, but I encourage you to find your own words to stop the energy bill from going any further.

Senator Shelby:

I am appalled, but alas, not surprised that the House has passed the cap-and-trade bill. I sincerely encourage you to fight this bill and not allow it to be passed into law. The reasons for doing so are many, and all worthy of repeating:

--It is an unprecedented and unnecessary intrusion of government into the private sector.
--It raises the cost of energy, which will increase the cost of EVERYTHING ELSE in our economy, from transportation to manufacturing to farming. This is the worst possible thing government could do in an already-ailing economy.
--There are NO “green” technologies currently available that provide the amount of energy this nation needs to maintain a high level of technology or standard of living. Therefore, the only result will be a direct curtailing of future prosperity for all Americans.
--Global warming is still a subject very much in dispute, given a leveling off or cooling of temperatures in the last eight years.
--A “consensus” by activist scientists does not constitute scientific proof. Theories are proven by data and verifiable experiment, not incomplete computer models.

I strongly encourage you, Senator Sessions, and the other Republicans in the Senate to stop this legislation. There are things that can and should be done to meet the nation’s growing energy needs, including drilling for more oil on American lands, like off the coasts and in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge; investing in basic energy research, including space solar power and helium-3 derived fusion; and reducing regulations on new nuclear power plants.

Senator, stopping this bill does not represent “fear of the future,” as President Obama asserts. It is a principled stand against making the future more fearful. I look forward to supporting you in this vital battle for our nation’s future.


Bart Leahy

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Anonymous said...

Right ON Bart!

I have been watching the pop-culture, historically based movie, The Patriot. As I was watching I was wondering what the every-day-militia-man was fighting against. Taxes on tea and stamps on imports? The threat of a distant authority meddling with free trade and liberty? I can't help but think there is a tyrany to the bad science (or at least unproven science) of global warming. It benefits a faction that can assume more power at the expense of our liberty and our money. For how much more were they fighting? I am not recommending we take up arms; however, it is time to defend our liberty with the rhetoric common sense.