Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Potpourri LI

I'll see how much I can post before crashing tonight. Serves me right for starting late.

Using psychology to save you from yourself--example: paying a teenager $1 a day for each day she's not pregnant.

Rick Steves has received my final payment, so the trip is locked. Now I just need to keep setting aside spending money. No sweat.

Virgin Galactic aims to fly 50,000 passengers in its first decade of travel. Swell. Let's see them fly one first.

NASA scientist and environmental doomsayer James Hansen is discussed in the most recent Weekly Standard.

This little girl has reputedly tested out as having a 160 I.Q. How the heck do you educate kids like this? Not under No Child Left Behind, that's for sure.

The Human Spaceflight Review panel is now on Twitter. Still time to provide your input on NASA's human spaceflight program.

This is a more politely worded response to the "Mars will be as big as the Moon" hoax than I would have provided.

My NSS/writing buddy Marianne Dyson was on Great Day Houston show.

Will the private sector provide the big breakthroughs in space? Maybe. Another article on The Space Review talks about the issues affecting civil space.

Tip o' the fedora to South of the Equator Scott for this one: Mitsubishi has an amusing web ad in New Zealand. Should be visible at the lower-right of the page.

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