Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Potpourri LVII

From the nine corners of the globe, Rhetoric & Rockets continues its proud new tradition of feeding potpourri to all 20 of its regular readers. Thanks!

And now for something completely different from the DUDE*, a story about a man who got into it with a clothes dryer and lives to tell the tale.

(*DUDE = Down Under Defense Expert)

New from Hu (and discussed on this blog a week or so ago): Orion Propulsion announces that it has completed qualification tests on its attitude control system for Bigelow Aerospace's Sundancer space station.

Also from Hu: SeaLaunch has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Not good.

A very long but entertaining article by GQ Magazine on what NASA's been up to, space-wise.

Must be seen to be believed: Buzz Aldrin, Snoop Dogg, and space hip-hop. As Dave Barry would say, "And I'm not making this up."

Everything you wanted to know about the F-35's weapons systems except how to defeat them.

From my AIAA news feed:

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Laura said...

Re: man in clothes dryer

The difference is, I'm tiny enough to pull it off. Silly man.