Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Potpourri X

Lots of thought-provoking stuff out there, so I'll jump right into it:


  • NASA is offering content for people to develop do-it-yourself podcasts.
  • The three-year progress report for the Ares Projects is now available as a two-part video on YouTube.
  • The Great Moonbuggy Race will be running at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center this weekend.
  • The Futures Channel partnered with the Ares outreach team to develop some videos on careers at NASA.

Other Space Stuff

The Economy

  • President Obama says the U.S. Government will now cover any warranty-based maintenance for owners of GM cars. But I'm told on Facebook that I need to "calm down" because "capitalism is fine." Riiiiight.
  • Congressman Barney Frank is proposing a bill that would set caps on all employee salaries at AIG, not just the CEO. "Calm down, Bart. Capitalism is just fine." Riiiiiight.


Politics & Culture

  • One of my favorite Law & Order actresses, Angie Harmon, is sick of being called a "racist" because she disagrees with President Obama's policies. Welcome to the club, Angie. I got this accusation shortly after Election Day, and still find it offensive.
  • Venezuela-born Miss Universe had a great time at Guantanamo Bay.
  • Some advice for Gen Yers entering the workforce in Washington.
  • Hat tip to D2 for this item on evaluating "employee engagement" in the workplace.
  • Darlene the Science Cheerleader has been in contact with a congressman interested in reviving the Office of Technology Assessment.
  • On the lighter side of things, a man in Ohio was arrested for driving drunk on a motorized bar stool.
  • An interesting question from one of my acquaintances on

"Is the concept of "Tough Love" at the root of society's problems or is it their answer?"

Some argue "spare the rod, spoil the child" and it seems to me that the underlying philosophy in this also lies in some of the advice on how best to deal with the current economic crisis. But is the deterministic righteousness of tough love the root problem in many and diverse areas of our societies, or is it rather the belief in the "Noble Savage" and laissez-faire indulgence? Or are both just perversions of love, part self-loathing part narcissism?

  • An interesting video on the mayor of Missassauga, Ontario. We should all be so good at 88!
  • I got hip-deep into a long conversation about capitalism, Obama, etc. on Facebook last night ("Calm down, Bart..."), so I decided to change my status as a way of getting free of the argument. I changed my status to "Bart is moving on to another topic." Some FB friends offered the following alternatives:
    --"I've got a topic...Socialism"
    --"How about the right to privacy issues?"
    --"Eminent domain?"
    --"The topic is me. All about me! ME, ME, ME!!!!"

    The last answer was offered by my buddy Gwen. I opted for her answer, as I was too tired at that point to offer alternatives. I promised I'd address some of these in the blog. I will, just not right now. More to come...

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