Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Potpourri XI

Rockets could destroy the ozone layer. Waiting to see if this line of argument catches on in the U.S. while the Chinese and Indians continue to go forth boldly.

Morgan Freeman is going to host a Science Channel show on space exploration. Huzzah!

NASA has a presence on FlickR.

Chicago is rated is #1 by as the best city "for dating and sex, sports and entertainment."

India is looking at building its own space shuttle.

A mockup of the Orion crew exploration vehicle's crew module is on display on the National Mall.

The Ares I-X test flight is shifting to August. This is starting to infringe on my trip to Europe. My request to alter the launch window around my vacation was not accepted, unfortunately.

The U.S. is falling behind in cyber-warfare. That's probably because all our IT has been outsourced to Bangalore.

Interesting site on Antarctica and global warming...and another site offering an alternative theory on how ice ages affect the shapes of continents and oceans.

G20 protests turn violent, surprising no one.

From the "If Bush did this" file, President Obama gave Queen Elizabeth II an iPod. It was later revealed that she already has one.

Jeff Krukin from the Space Frontier Foundation posted an April Phule's Day press release on behalf of President Obama. Will Watson at SFF had another PR regarding space. Doc's response was priceless: "It was hard to hear the joke over the sound of all those axes grinding."

As I mentioned yesterday, the ISDC is coming up. I got my leave approved today, so I'll be booking my registration this evening.

And, on a lighter note, North Korea is fueling up its latest rocket. Japan, China, and the U.S. are all on alert, at one level or another. (Okay, I'm kidding. That's not a "lighter note." I'm just snarky this evening.)

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