Thursday, October 01, 2009

Returning to Business As Usual

The three weeks off have cured me of a creeping burnout, but they have also curbed my enthusiasm for things here when I'm still entranced by things I saw in Europe. I'll get back to "normal" in due course, but don't be too surprised if I continue to dwell on the past and my vacation on this page for a bit. I also owe Darlene the Science Cheerleader a short piece on some of NASA's public outreach efforts on the web, so that will show up on her blog in the next day or so. Meanwhile, I need to clear some science and technology stuff from my inbox, and this seemed like a good night to do it.

I haven't read Jerry Pournelle's blog (or much of anything else) in three weeks. He has a series of reflections on healthcare, the rule of law, and the war in Afghanistan that deserve reading.

Wired Science has a blog discussing the Augustine Panel hearings. Apparently while I was away Congress was less than receptive to some of the ideas coming out of the panel's deliberations. Interesting, since they decide which bills will get paid. This ain't over by a long shot.

Facebook, where most of my vacation articles are being published first because their picture-uploading app is better, now has a "population" nearly equal to the U.S.

Lockheed Martin has a good page of communication tools for the Orion crew exploration vehicle.

Here's a site developed by some young professionals that talks about the benefits of space exploration and includes a petition form to help you tell your elected representative(s) why space is important to you.

A slew of news from Hu:

From my NewSpace News feed from the Space Frontier Foundation:

  • A story about Boeing teaming up with Bigelow Aerospace to bid on NASA's Commercial Crew Transport System.
  • The Rocket Racing League seems to be in trouble. They're losing their lease on hangar space in Las Cruces.

That's it for now. Be patient, y'all. I'll get back to "Bart-normal" eventually. In the meantime, enjoy the quiet.

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