Sunday, November 01, 2009

Potpourri CIX

I've got about a week's worth of random links to clear out, so I might as well get cracking.

Might as well start with this email I got from myself courtesy of

Dear FutureMe,

You've been to Europe and--hopefully--seen the Ares I-X flight go up by now. You had three weeks to yourself; what did you learn? What did you do for others? What did you come back with (hopefully nothing contagious)? What contacts/friends did you make? What did you learn from the launch?

Now get writing!


If you're interested in sending messages to your future self, FutureMe is kind of fun.

From Cliff, a unique take on how to compare Obama's deficit spending with George W. Bush's deficit spending.

From Father Dan, a 1948 cartoon on freedom and what it means to have it taken away. Ten minutes long, but worth the watch.

From Dom, a flow chart of "Hey Jude" by The Beatles. No, really.

From Lin: an indication that the Obama administration might've exaggerated a little on the number of jobs created by the stimulus. I'm shocked, shocked...

From me, a list of the Ares I-X blogs posted up to and during launch:

NASA has an iPhone application.

From work, a series of 3D images of the Ares I-X rocket. Yowza! (Note: Java required to run.)

Antarctic ice loss might have been overestimated.

An article on NERVA, among other things.

Even if the U.S. government has a hard time explaining why it needs a space program, the European Space Agency does not.

From Dea, a little graphic that amused me because it occasionally hits close to home. The scary part is that meetings in this job can go 4-8 hours...WAY off the scale for this chart.

Oh yeah, speaking of Ares I-X, Fox News posted a slide show from the mission.

I think I've found my next tax haven: a floating city!

And I guess that will do for now. Thanks for reading...or not.

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