Saturday, November 07, 2009

Potpourri CXI

Not too much today, but here are a couple of sites for your reference...

From Kraft and Triscuits, my favorite cracker for the last 30 years or so, a site called "Why Snackrifice?" The point of said site is to show how Kraft cheese/cracker combinations won't break the bank. I've got a cousin working advertising at Kraft, but I don't know if she's managing this site. Might have to ask. Anyhow, since I'm still employed, my grocery habits have not changed, and Triscuits are a regular part of the dietary rotation. My gratuitous shill: enjoy some today!

From Karla, my former thesis advisor, a reminder that Thursday is World Usability Day. What the heck is that? you might ask. Here's what they say:

World Usability Day was founded to ensure that the services and products important to life are easier to access and simpler to use

Karla also sent a link for the World Usability Day site at the school she's teaching at now, Michigan Tech. Useable products--from cell phones to rockets to user instructions--are good things. It takes more thought up front to make things easier for the user downstream. Sort of like an "effortless" prose style that is graceful and easy to read usually requires many, many drafts. So think before you dump junk on the product shelves--or on your readers!

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