Saturday, February 20, 2010

Housecleaning and Book Selling

In the process of moving my books into their new "homes," I found that there were some books that I'd read once and realized I'd never read again, or books I'd bought and not gotten so far as the front matter. I could take them to the used bookstore and get MORE books, but that would sort of defeat the purpose of freeing up book shelf space. So...the following books are available for sale at low, low prices (which would include shipping within the U.S. or Canada, even if I take a loss):

Mass Market Paperback or Smaller: $5
Trade Paperback: $7:
Hardcover: $10

The following titles are yours if you're willing to send a check (email me for a mailing address).

Science Fiction

Moving Mars, by Greg Bear (Mass Market Paperback)
Mercury, by Ben Bova (Mass Market Paperback)
Hunters of Dune, by Brian Herbert and Kevin Anderson (Hardcover)
The Dosadi Experiment, by Frank Herbert (Mass Market Paperback)
The Godmakers, by Frank Herbert (Mass Market Paperback)
Destination: Void, by Frank Herbert (Mass Market Paperback)
The Jesus Incident, by Frank Herbert and Bill Ransom (Mass Market Paperback)
Singularity Sky, by Charles Stross (Mass Market Paperback)

Other Fiction

The Brothers Karamazov, by Fyodor Dostoevsky (Trade Paperback)
The Literary Ace Strikes Again, by Charles M. Schulz (Mass Market Paperback/Small Hardcover)


The High Road, by Ben Bova (Trade Paperback--Discounted to $7 due to the obscene amount of scribbling I did in the margins, arguing with the author)
The Survival Imperative, by William E. Burrows (Hardcover)
Mission to Mars, by Michael Collins (Hardcover)
Breach of Trust, by Toma A. Coburn (Hardcover)
Why We Whisper, by Sen. Jim DeMint and J. David Woodard, Ph.D. (Hardcover)
Astrobusiness, by Edward Ridley Finch, Jr., and Amanda Lee Moore (Trade Paperback)
The Drama of Atheist Humanism, by Henri De Lubac (Trade Paperback)
Comet, by Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan (Hardcover)
My Grandfather's Son, by Clarence Thomas
How to Think Like Einstein, by Scott Thorpe
History of the Peloponnesian War, by Thucydides

Travel (All Trade Paperback)

Europe for Dummies
All 3 for Trade Paperback Price:
     Eyewitness Travel Guide: French Phrase Book
     Eyewitness Travel Guide: German Phrase Book
     Eyewitness Travel Guide: Italian Phrase Book
Fodor's Europe
Fodor's Ireland 2005
Fodor's Italy 2000
Fodor's Switzerland 2000
Frommer's Ireland 2005
Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door 2008
Rough Guides First-Time Europe
Thomas Cook Europe By Rail

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