Friday, February 19, 2010

Potpourri CXXIII

It's been a bit heckish this week, what with the water heater flood, car repairs, and bookcases needing replacement. However, on the plus side, the ever-fun Dr. OZMG sent a care package of chocolate and Cheez-Itz to start the weekend off on the right foot. (THANK YOU!!! <3) With my senses of equilibrium and humor restored, let's see what's lurking out there in Cyberland, shall we?

First up, from the folks at Science @ NASA, a video and brief explanation of a rocket destroying a "sun dog."

Here's a different perspective on why the space program isn't going anywhere anytime soon (Note: might require tinfoil hat to appreciate properly).

Speaking of OZMG, she also referred me to this NPR story re: science writing and communicating. Does she know me or what?

If you have the wild urge to read and buy one of the books reviewed on my site, I'd appreciate it. I got a "showing concern" email from noting that I haven't sold anything yet. Boo.

From Doc: a Palm Sunday poem by T. S. Eliot. Warning: serious brains/thinking required.

From the Washington Post, via my AIAA news feed, a story about the Airborne Laser successfully shooting down another target during a test run. We just might need this someday.

From The Onion: NASA scientists start planning approaching a girl.

And that's all he wrote. Have a good weekend, all!

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