Saturday, June 26, 2010

How Do You Keep a Space Geek in Suspense?

I've never really enjoyed thriller or "suspense" movies because I don't enjoy anxiety in the real world. Case in point: the last week, month, or heck, year or two with regard to my job. No wonder I have grey hair.

So I guess I should clarify my status a bit. My company's ability to charge labor hours to the Constellation Program will cease June 30. In practical terms, that means my company needs to find other work for the five of us or we'll be out on the street. We'll know more Monday. Maybe. Or perhaps not. Right now we just don't know! I could end up doing work elsewhere within NASA, or I could be job hunting on Thursday. I appreciate that they're trying--and it's a lot easier with five people than dozens or hundreds--but the not-knowing and the stress get to be a bit much after awhile. My goal is to get out of town today. Somewhere, anywhere. Just get the heck out so I don't have to think about this foolishness. I have about two hours of leave left, so a vacation isn't an option--nor is it particularly smart, given potentially constrained finances.

A lot of my friends are in a similar sort of limbo. Those on "stop work" orders still have their NASA badges and (in some cases) their personal effects in the office, but are at home with or without pay until the Program decides what can or can't be done. I wouldn't want the boss's job on July 1. It's going to be very sad and very creepy in Marshall's Building 4203 come Thursday.

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