Sunday, December 19, 2010

Out and About with Your Humble Narrator

The holidays have brought their own special flavor of busy once again. I think I've attended five work-related Christmas parties in the last week. My supply of extroversion is just about shot, but I had a reasonable amount of fun. Beats not being invited, I s'pose.

This evening is my church's annual German service, and so for the second or third year in a row I will be demolishing scripture in my maternal grandmother's mother tongue. I was half-tempted to read my verses in Klingon to see if anyone noticed, but Pastor sprechen zie Deutsch and might take umbrage.

I gave a brief marketing presentation at the Space & Missile Defense Working Group (SMDWG--we love acronyms here in Huntsville) to pitch ISDC 2011. I'm hoping for a little more time at next month's meeting.

In other business, the Science Cheerleaders have a little holiday cheer posted on the SciCheer site and YouTube.

Your Humble Narrator appears in the credits for helping with the lyrics. My new title with SciCheer is now Cheer Operations Ninja because I tend to stay out of the videos and do a lot of the unseen things for the group...and I'm quite comfortable there, thank you. I also posted a blog for Dar's Science for Citizens site. Dar herself posted some new information and thoughts about citizen science on her site. I need to read the post and all related materials/links before commenting, but rest assured I will. Well before the pretty ladies in superhero uniforms appeared, Dar was writing a lot about citizens participating in public debates about science and technology policy--and that is how I got involved with SciCheer, regardless of any wild rumors you're likely to hear.

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