Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Top 10 Bartacus Posts for 2010

If it’s good enough for Dar, it’s good enough for me…

Not sure how this one came up so often, unless people were looking me up in connection with ISDC 2011.

This was my reportage on an all-day STEM education event at the local interactive science attraction.

I was playing with ideas one day, and it occurred to me that introversion and extroversion had a strong influence on the science/technology culture in which I work.

This was a reaction to a couple of negative posts re: the Science Cheerleaders. It baffles me that there were any, but these things happen.

A brief summary of some of my adventures with the Science Cheerleaders up to that point.

5. Saturn V Redecorating, Part II
Some folks here in Huntsville have been contemplating covering the full-size Saturn V replica in a quilt made of children's art. This was my second of several editorials on this topic.

Reportage on the aforementioned subject.

A review of all (at the time) 17 "Wayhomer" movie reviews by Widge over at

Reportage on the Science Cheerleaders at the Science & Engineering Festival. Surprisingly, this was NOT my number one posting. Instead, it's...

This post features pictures of all of the Science Cheerleaders who appeared at the S&E Fest, with light commentary by Your Humble Narrator. Hey, whatever gets the attention.

Enjoy your holidays!

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