Monday, December 12, 2011

Buzz Worthy Indeed!

The Bleacher Report recently rated the Top 40 Most Buzz-Worthy NFL Cheerleaders of 2011. The Bleacher Report is the U.S. 4th largest sports media site, with 20 million monthly readers! Among those worth buzzing about include the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders who are Science Cheerleaders (#32); Science Cheerleader Dana from the Baltimore Ravens (#30); Science Cheerleaders Rachel and Michelle (#18--I'm in the process of interviewing them now) and Science Cheerleader's overachieving Creative Director, Choreographer, and Ms. United States (among many other roles), Laura Eilers (#15).

No foolin', y'all: these women are for real. And no, sports fans, you can't have my job.

Laura Eilers, Image credit: The Bleacher Report

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