Thursday, December 01, 2011

A World Record!

While I didn't have the pleasure of attending, I had the privilege of handling the paperwork and logistics for the World's Largest Cheer last month. Previous entries can be found here and here. The video can be found here. And, as Dar noted, the cheer was for science and we beat China (always fun!). What will we do next? Guess you'll just have to check here or!

Gooooo science!


Anonymous said...

I was there with my family and this event was AWESOME!!! I posted some of my own pics at my FaceBook page... This truly was a once in a lifetime kind of thing for these girls and the Cheer For Science and Pop Warner Scholars are awesome as well! Rob :)

Bart said...

Thanks for attending! The Science Cheerleaders will be at the Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, DC, in April!