Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Best of Bartacus

Actually, that title is probably misleading. There are undoubtedly pieces of writing I've done on this blog that I really enjoyed producing, articulated cogent philosophical points, or were just fun to read. But in the end, I don't have control over that--my readers do--and I love all six of you. So here they are, the top nine most-read posts on this blog since I started this foolishness X years ago:

Science Cheerleaders, Etc.
This was a piece I wrote just before the first public performance of the Science Cheerleaders at the USA Science & Engineering Festival in 2010. It's a list of accomplished, beautiful women. Wow. Who'da thunk such a thing would be popular?

National Security, Nontraditional Threats, and Other Things
This was a follow-up piece I wrote after attending a "Stammtisch" discussion at the home of the eminent NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Advanced Concepts Office Deputy Manager Les Johnson. I consider the traffic on this post to be more of a reflection on Les's prominence than mine.

Images and Commentary: ISDC 2008
This is a rather long summary of my thoughts regarding the 2008 International Space Development Conference, which was hosted in Washington, DC, that year. I was still a gung-ho space advocate at the time and had yet to attempt the hubris of running my own. Little did I know...

Changes Since Europe
This was a bit of a debrief from my three-week trip to Europe in 2009 (ah yes, back when I had money to burn!). It covers the basic question of "Did the experience change me?" and also includes a list of places I'd missed and would like to see on a subsequent trip. Well, maybe I'll have money again when I turn 50.

Potpourri CLIX
The format of this blog has changed over the years. Once upon a time, when my free internet time wasn't consumed by Facebook, I used to post a selection of links/stories that friends had shared with me and commented on them as I saw fit. I'm not sure what made Potpourri CLIX (159, for you non-Romans out there) so special, but it's been read a lot. Thank you to whoever's paying attention.

Who, Me, A Space Cynic?
This was an extended summary of a discussion several friends ("Space Cynics") had on David Livingston's "The Space Show." And to answer the title, yes indeed, I'm a space cynic. Unemployment will do that, but so will watching the dynamics of the space business.

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises
I'm not certain how this review got so much attention. Lots of Batfans out there, I suppose. Two items of note in my commentary: I never did write a blog about the jerk who shot up a theater waiting to see The Dark Knight Rises, and I have not, as of this writing, seen Man of Steel yet. These things happen.

Interview: Camilla Sdo
My interview with a rubber chicken that happens to be a mascot for NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). The popularity of this one I understand--Camilla and I have promoted it ourselves now and again. And really, who wouldn't enjoy an interview with a rubber chicken?

Thoughts on War in Space
Last one in the list here. This post was written in response to a request from fellow blogger Lin to comment on the concept of space warfare.

So there you go: when people come to this site, those are the most likely posts they're reading. If you've taken the time to read anything else, I appreciate it. This site doesn't get nearly the traffic my professional blog gets, and that's perfectly fine. Totally different market and probably a different readership. But for those of you who read this or the other blog and provide your comments, thank you. I assume I'm either writing to "the world" or nobody, so it's always nice to know that someone besides me is reading this foolishness. And on that note, I'll share a quotation from the Muppet*Vision 4D at Disney Hollywood Studios:

Sam the Eagle: Will you stop this foolishness?!?

Gonzo the Great: What sort of foolishness would you like to see?

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