Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pending Items for the Vacation

I've made some progress on the shopping list for Europe. For instance, I've bought most of the drugs I could possibly need to cope with various colds, flues, and intestinal unpleasantnesses. Microfiber towel? Check. Clothesline? Check. Ditto boat shoes, water bottle, power adapter for the iPod, extra batteries for the camera, and small flashlight. But other issues are still lurking.

For centuries, human beings hand-washed their clothes. In industrialized countries, this skill is nearly lost--and to me almost completely lost. The traveler community on Rick Steeves' web site has advice ranging from exactly how to do it to suggesting that people use the laundromat instead to dispensing with washing completely in some cases and just jettisoning clothing or buying disposable underwear as you go. But I did find this site, which actually shows idjits like me how to hand-wash clothes.

Another thing: I have some side trips in mind, or places that were recommended to me, since I'll be "in the neighborhood." These include:

I guess I need to wait for my traveler welcome packet from Rick Steeves, which is supposed to ship no later than the first week in May.

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