Saturday, April 18, 2009

Best of Bartacus

I have yet to understand how some postings attract a ton of attention while others sink into oblivion. However, far be it for me to argue with "the wisdom of crowds." Below are the top 10 postings on Rhetoric & Rockets in the last year.

  1. Missing Pieces: What NASA's Gen Y Keeps Missing (amazing what a hit from NASAWatch will do)
  2. Book Review: Star Trek: Prime Directive
  3. My adventures at OmegaCon, Day One, Day Two, and Day Three
  4. Commentary from the 2008 International Space Development Conference (ISDC)
  5. My itinerary for my European vacation
  6. Petition Signing: Re-Opening the Office of Technology Assessment
  7. Why I'm Not a Global Warming Denier
  8. OmegaCon: Lessons Learned
  9. Review of The Singularity is Near
  10. Educational Resources and Engineering Goals

Hopefully there's something in this list that is of interest to you, the individual reader. Again, I'm still a little clueless about what garners attention on the Internet and what doesn't. Insight welcome.

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